Host Accounts


Below are links to different How-To pages. Manuals for most of the applications and services can be found on the reference page. We hope that these pages provide you with clear instructions. If you find anything confusing or have a suggestion, we would love to hear it. Also, if you think we should add additional how-to instructions please let us know.

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  1. How do can I access my email using a web browser (WebMail)?
  2. How can I download my email to my computer using POP3?
  3. Can I send outgoing email from my computer using SMTP on the server?
  4. I need to make changes to the email accounts in my domain, how do I do that?
  5. How do I change my email password?
  6. How do I FTP into my account?
  7. How do I sFTP into my account?
  8. How do I access my shell account using SSH2?
  9. Can I telnet into my shell account?
  10. Do you have user manuals for the software on the server?
  11. How do I determine the server's configuration for various applications?