Host Accounts

At J.P. Peach & Associates we specialize in custom web hosting. In addition to the regular hosting packages we offer a number of additional services to help you customize your site. Below is a list of additional services that we offer to increase the flexibility and power of your site. If you do not see a feature that you are interested in having, please contact us to discuss your needs.

  • Bandwidth:
    All hosting packages include bandwidth. However, active sites may require more.
    Setup fee: Free
    Fee: US$3.00 per partial Gigabytei per month

  • Bug Tracking:
    Track bugs in software, web sites or manage client support requests.
    Setup fee: US$15.00
    Fee: US$5.00 per month

  • Database:
    Keep track of client records, track users or anything else you want
    Setup fee: US$10.00
    Fee: US$5.00 per month

  • Domain Name Service:
    Establish your company's identity on the Internet. Customize your online addresses.
    One-time fee: US$15.00

  • Domain Name Alias:
    Have more then one domain that you want to use for one site, this is the option for you. Optionally, this can also be used for email addresses too.
    Setup fee: US$8.00
    Fee: US$10.00 per year

  • Domain Email Services:
    Use your own domain name for your email addresses ( Retrieve your emails anywhere anytime.
    Setup fee: US$8.00
    Fee: US$8.00 per month

  • Drive Space Quota (100 Mbytes):
    All hosting packages include drive space. However, your site may require more.
    Setup fee: Free
    Fee: US$5.00 per month

  • File Management System:
    Access to files on your site. Multi user with flexible control over access
    Setup fee: US$15.00
    Fee: US$3.00 per user per month

  • Online Chat Room Service:
    Web based real-time chat for online communities and customer supports.
    Setup fee: US$20.00
    Fee: US$19.95 per month (US$11.95 for each additional chat room)

  • Secured Web Accounts:
    Processing your online orders securely. Give your customers peace of mind and boost your sales.
    Setup fee: US$36.00
    Fee: US$8 per month

  • Web Forum Accounts:
    Web based message board system and BBS. Ideal for online discussions.
    Setup fee: US$20.00
    Fee: US$12.00 per month

  • Shopping Cart Accounts:
    Let our Shopping Cart software boost your business by letting customers purchase your services easily.
    Setup fee: US$36.00
    Fee: US$16.00 per month

  • Email Autoresponders:
    Email autoreply, email catalogs, electronic receptionists.
    Setup fee: US$12.00
    Fee: US$8.00 per month

  • Interactive Mailing Lists:
    Group email distribution. Group interactive discussions via email.
    Setup fee: US$20.00
    Fee: US$3.00 per month

  • URL Forwarding:
    Have a special URL point to a customized location in your account. This can be used to increase security of CGI script, share resources across account or make a complex URL simple.
    Setup fee: US$8.00
    Fee: US$10.00 per year

  • Sub-domain Forwarding:
    Use your own domain name as the base address and create new URLs. For example (,
    Setup fee: US$8.00
    Fee: US$10.00 per year

  • Web Site Design and Programming:
    CGI and database programming, HTML authoring, custom graphics and logos, graphics processing, and complete Web site and online commerce design. Contact us to discuss pricing.