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Domain Name Email Service

Setup Fee:US$ 8.00
Monthly Fee:US$ 8.00

At J.P. Peach & Associates we are interested in providing you with the custom internet services that you need. We have designed our hosting packages to meet the requirements of most of our clients. However, we can customize any package to fit your specific needs or develop a completely individualized package. Our goal is to provide a service that meets your needs.

This package includes the following services:
  • Domain web site ( with 30 Mbytes of disk space
  • Unlimited domain email aliases (
  • Unlimited domain email forwarding
  • 100 Email POP accounts
  • 100 Email autoresponders

Email is fast replacing the telephone as the most indispensable communications tool. In the U.S. alone, Forrester Research projects email will reach 50 percent of the population within five years. According to a recent Novell UK survey, 70 percent of the respondents say they could not be without email. Several factors are driving this phenomenon:

Forrester Research analyst Kate Delhagen points out email is "...the most popular on-line activity. It's easy to use and open 24 hours a day. With email people can send photos, sound files, and other information over the Internet quickly and affordably."

The email explosion will be fueled by growth in home PC penetration. By widespread Internet access in corporations. And by new options, such as wireless email.

Competitive advantage:
More companies are using electronic messaging to stay ahead of competitors. Email saves time, allows faster responses and greater flexibility.

Once you have registered or transferred your domain name to J.P. Peach and Assoc., you can use it for your email. You can print the email address John@yourcompany.COM on your business card, and Sales@yourcompany.COM on your company's letterhead and fax cover sheet.

When people send email to these addresses, the email will to go to our mail server. Our mail server will deliver it according to an email forwarding table you set for your domain name.

The initial setup for your email forwarding table will be something like: ------>

In such a case, all email to will be forwarded to This includes email addressed to,,,, etc.

If you have only one receiving email account (forward-to or target email account), you can add more user names at your domain name without changing the email forwarding table.

If you have more than one receiving email account or you have hundreds of employees with email accounts with different providers, then you need to change your email forwarding table to something like: ------> ------> ------> ------> ------> ------>

There is no limit to how many forwarding lines you can have. With our email forwarding service, you can create as many user names as you like at your domain name. Our fee is based on domain names, not on user names. You pay the same fee for 100,000 user names at as for one user name at There is no usage charge for how many email messages we forward for you. All email is forwarded automatically and immediately.

It is easy to change your email forwarding table. You can do it 24 hours a day with a Web browser. No charge for updating your email forwarding tables.

You can create an unlimited number of user names at your domain name. Your domain name emails can be forward to one or more existing email boxes. In addition, you can request additional email boxes on our POP server to host your emails.

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