At the young age of ten, John Peach got his first computer a TI99/4A with a whopping 16 Kbytes of memory. This was several years before the Commodore 64 hit the market and started the home computer revolution. He quickly learned that he lacked any hand-eye coordination and was not very good at the games. However, he enjoyed programming the computer using its built-in BASIC language. In no time he was hooked and his fascination with programming blossomed.

Six years later John had written a number of large applications for his own purpose and had mastered numerous languages on several platforms. At the age of sixteen he received his first contract to develop a database application for a local animal hospital. This program was several thousand lines long and it was used to track clinical notes and health records in addition to billing information and thus began his career of developing software.

John continued to develop applications for industry. In 1990, John entered university and discovered that there was a demand for programmers who could develop specialized applications for research. During this time John completed an Honours B.Sc.(Kin), technical diploma in engineering, M.Sc. and a Ph.D.. This education gave him the background he needed to go beyond simply developing general purpose applications to applications that had a high degree of technical expertise.

In 1995 the business had expanded to the point where the contracts required more then one programmer. In addition, other independent programmers were subcontracting highly technical sections of their applications to John. To meet the demand of his clients, John formed the company know as "J.P.Peach & Associates." The basic idea was to form a company that would tie a group of independent programmers together so that they could share their workload and pass specialized sections of a contract onto programmers with those skills. While the "Associates" have changed over the years, the basic functioning of the company has stayed the same.