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Black Fire - File Management System

Setup Fee:US$ 15.00
Monthly Fee:US$ 3.00 (per account)

File System Manager is a total web based file management solution. FSM offers aesthetically pleasing interfaces, as well as stable and useful file management utilities. With this program, you can offer your users access to their files without worrying about security, or abuse. It has built in security features, such as automatic account suspension, login limitations to prevent brute-force, and user specific and global file restrictions.

99% of the HTML generated by FSM comes from the 40+ template files. Each template file comes with a set of custom html tags, that allow for maximum customization. What this all means, is that you can implement any site design you wish, allowing for seamless integration with existing websites.

This customization is not included in the standard package. Contact us to discuss what would be involved in a custom installation. Then you would have full administrative control, the ability to have the site match the look and feel of your site. In addition, the URL can be customized to allow seemless intergration with your current domain name.

All transactions are secured using SSL technology. This prevents your username and password from being captured as it goes across the web. Plus, files containing sensitve information can be transfered worry-free.

FSM supports directory based configuration files. This is very similar to .htaccess, only it determines how FSM will function when accessing a specific directory. With this new feature, you can completely customize FSM's functionality. Some recommended uses include bypassing the Unix file ownership system, and replacing it with the FSM user structure. The configuration files are totally secure, and are only available for administrative users to modify. You may take a look at the .htfsm syntax at htfsm-readme.txt.

With the built in disk quota feature, you can keep track of your users, and make sure they do not use more space then they are given. You can also configure FSM to automatically insert advertisements into chosen users html files, and strip them out when the user downloads the file through FSM. The advertisements are generated from a block of HTML you can enter in the administrative settings. This, and the many other user options, makes FSM great for web hosts, who wish to offer web based file management.

Hosting accounts can use this to update their files. It can also be used as a file repository for multiple users. No longer will people have to send large files to multiple people. They can be stored on the server for everyone to access and update as needed.

FSM also offers a demo mode; this allows administrators to show off their features. If you would like to show your future customers what you could offer them, simply setup a demo account, and let your users check it out. There is no worry about a demo user taking any permanent actions, as they are all disabled. You can see exactly what the demo mode is like by using our FSM demo.

Extra features include a "progress bar" that informs the user that the directory listing listing is in progress, and there browser has not frozen (good for impatient users). Another is the popup mode. This mode opens all file actions in a separate window, allowing users to view the directory listing at the same time as they modify a file.

A great feature that will replace current tools you may be using, is an htaccess and htpasswd tool. If your users like to password protect directories and files with htaccess, FSM now has an option to generate the .htaccess file automatically. FSM also has a very user-friendly interface for manipulating users in an .htpasswd database. This eliminates the need to use the crypt() command in the shell every time your users want to add a user to an .htpasswd file. This also eliminates the need to have a crypt() tool on your website to help your users do the confusing encryptions themselves.

FSM has a built in file-emailing tool as well. Your users can now email files to there friends, family, or business partners. The administrator can even specify some text to be appended to the end of all FSM generated emails. Great for skipping that middle man (downloading the file, attaching it to your email through your email client, and sending it).

As for extra security, FSM has a built in encryption algorithm. This allows your users to encrypt their files with secret keys. Once a file has been encrypted with a key, the file is unreadable until the decrypt tool is used with the same key.

Every section of FSM is either extensively annotated, or has a detailed help section. Almost any question a user may have about utilities and functionality can be answered in these sections. Administration sections also include detailed documentation, so you will not have trouble finding out how to implement something on the fly.

Unlike most web based file managers, FSM utilizes the UNIX file modes to determine access. So if configured properly, FSM will function exactly like an sFTP client. So no additional configuration will be needed if the user creates a directory within their base directory.

For those administrators who already have a large quantity of users and are not looking forward to the task of adding each user into a web based file manager one at a time, FSM has an importing feature to lighten the burden. With the import utility, you can import an entire server of users with the click of a button. All information is read from the master.passwd file, and added into FSM. Furthermore, the users password can be configured to accept the current shell password. This means, if a user changes their password in the shell, they can use their new password in FSM without any administrative changes.