Host Accounts

Drive Space Quota (100Mbytes)

Setup Fee:Free
Monthly Fee:US$ 5.00
Monthly Fee:US$ 10.00 if the account goes over its quota

All hosting accounts come with an allotment of drive space. However, if you need more we are happy to provide that to you. To protect your data we provide automatic daily incremental backups and weekly full backs. In addition our system uses a RAID 1 drive configuration. RAID 1 uses two drives that are mirrored. In the rare case of a hardware failure the second drive will take over and protect your files.

Drive space is determined by the amount of space that is used to store you database files, mail, and all the files in your home directory.

Most hosting companies place hard limits on the amount of drive space that you use. That is, once your limit is reached you cannot upload any more files. This is not how we like to treat our clients. If you need to go over your limit you can purchase more drive space in 100 Mbyte blocks.

*This option is not avaliable with the Personal Web Hosting account. That account must be upgraded to another account.