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Question: How do I FTP into my account?


FTP access has been removed from the site but the same fuctionality can be obtained using a secure replacement called sFTP (Secure File Transfer Protocol), we highly recommend that you do so.

The problem with FTP is that sends everything over the Internet in plain text format. Therefore, any computer between your computer and server can capture the information. This includes your username, password and any scripts that have passwords or other private information in them. FTP is considered a high risk activity! Please, if you can use sFTP then use it.

There is a lot of really good software available that will allow you to sFTP. Some of it is cheap or even free. Perform a search on or and you will find quite a few choices. If you are using Mac OS X or higher or Linux / Unix then you already have the software you need. Windows users need to find a third party application. There are also plug-ins for some program like FrontPage and Dreamweaver that will permit sFTP uploads. They require a little tweaking to get working but if you can use them it is highly recommended.

As always, we are here to help. If you have a problem we can be reached at