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Question: How do I access my email using a web browser (WebMail)?


There are three ways you can access email using a web browser (WebMail). You do not have to limit yourself to one or the other. In addition you can also use POP3 (Post Office Protocol Version 3) which a non browser based method. All these methods are compatible with each other.

WebMail applications allow you to read, send and delete email. However, POP3 is not designed to send email. For this you need to configure your computer to use SMTP (Simple Mail Transport Protocol) but this service is not provided by for security reasons. Check out the question Can I send outgoing email from my computer using SMTP on the server? for more details.

Using any method to access email requires the use of your username and your password. Your username is the full email address including the domain name. For example: [correct]
smith [incorrect]

The username is not caps sensitive. That is is the same as or even SMITH@MYDOMAIN.COM

Your password is caps sensitive!

Web Access Applications
  1. SquirrelMail

    SquirrelMail, provides all the functionality that you need for managing your email. Therefore, it is less complex and is probably the best choice for people that are looking for something simplier.

    The reference page links to more information about this application.

    The application can be accessed by going to:

  2. RoundCube WebMail

    RoundCube Webmail, has a nice user interface and requires fewer page reloads. That makes using it faster. It also has a simple user interface which makes things a little easier.

    The reference page links to more information about this application.

    The appliation can be acess by going to:

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