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Question: I need to make changes to the email accounts in my domain, how do I do that?


There is one central application to change all your mail settings. Any changes made here will change the setting for all methods of email access ( SquirrelMail  RoundCube and  POP3 ).

Postfix Admin is a web based interface to manage your email accounts. Depending on the type of hosting account you have there will be limits or restrictions on what you can do. If you need to do something but are restricted from doing so, please contact us at and we can disccus modifications to your hosting package.

Logging into the Postfix Admin requires three pieces of information (username, domain name and password). The username is ALWAYS 'postmaster'. The domain name is the name of your domain. That is everything after "@" in your mailing address. For example:
Email Address:
You would enter ''

The third piece of information is the domain's password specific to Postfix Admin. When your account was first set up, you would have received the password in an email. If you do not know it, please contact us at and we can tell you what it is or reset it.

Please note, this is not the password used to access your email or shell account ( FTP, sFTP or SSH2 ). The password is one that is only used for Postfix Admin. It is possible to use the same password for email, shell and Postfix Admin access but changing it one does not affect the others. It is a bad idea to use a common password for all three as it poses a security risk.

The password used to access Postfix Admin cannot be changed by the user. There is a 'postmaster' email address for your domain and the password for that account can be changed but this does not change the password used to log into Postfix Admin. The only way to change the password is to contact us at and we can change it for you.

Manuals on how to use Postfix Admin can be found on the Reference page.

As always, we are here to help. If you have a problem we can be reached at