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Question: How do I access my shell account using SSH2?


Yes you can and this is the prefered method of access for accessing the shell prompt. Telnet is not support for shell access. Check out the question Can I telnet into my shell account? for more information.

SSH1 is not supported, you must use SSH2. Hackers have managed to find a way to de-crypt information sent over a SSH1 connection. Almost all SSH clients support SSH2 connections. There is a lot of really good software available that will allow you to make SSH2 connections. Some of it is cheap or even free. Perform a search on or and you will find quite a few choices. If you are using Mac OS X or higher or Linux / Unix then you already have the software you need. Windows users need to find a third party application.

To make an SSH2 connection you will need four pieces of information (username, password, domain name and port number). The username and password are caps sensitive so "smith" is not the same as "Smith."

The username and password is not the same one used for email or Postfix Admin. When your account was created, an email was sent that told you the username and password used for shell account access ( FTP, sFTP and SSH2 ). If you cannot locate this information, please contact us at and we will send you the username. We are not able to see what your password is. For security reasons the passwords are one-way encrypted. If you have forgotten your password, please send us one that you would like to use. The password can be changed by using the 'passwd' command from the shell account. See How do I access my shell account using SSH2? for information on how to access the shell account.

It is possible to use the same password for email, shell and Postfix Admin access but changing it one does not affect the others. It is a bad idea to use a common password for all three as it poses a security risk.

The SSH2 server uses the standard SSH port, which is 22.

The hostname is your domain name. The domain name is everything after "@" in your mailing address. For example:
Email Address:
You would enter ''

If you are not sure what your domain name is, you can set it to and that will work.

As always, we are here to help. If you have a problem we can be reached at