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Question: How do I change my email password?


Any changes to your email can be done using Postfix Admin. Check out the question I need to make changes to the email accounts in my domain, how do I do that? for information on how to access Postfix Admin.

Once you have logged into Postfix Admin click on "Email Accounts" and a list of email accounts for your domain will appear. To change an account, find it in the list and click on the icon that looks like a piece of paper and a pen under the "Modify Account" column.

A new web page will load with all the setting for a user's email account. The "New Password" and "Password (again)" fields will be blank. This does not mean that the account does not have a password, it is just hidden for security reasons. To change the password, enter it into the box to the right of the "New Password" label. Then enter it again in the box to the right of "Password (again)." This is to make sure that you typed it correctly. As you type the password the character "*" will appear on the screen instead of the character you typed. This is so that no one watching you can see the password. Once you have done all of this, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on the "Modify User" button.

If everything worked the page will reload and the message "Email Account password changed successfully" will appear at the top of the page.

If there is a problem there will be an error message at the top of the page. The most common one is "Passwords don't match, try again." This means that when the password was typed into the "New Password" field it did not match the password typed into the "Password (again)" field. You cannot cut and paste the password from one field to another, you actually have to type it.

If you get a different error message you can check out the Reference page for the Postfix Admin manual or contact us at for assistance. Please send your domain name, username you are trying to modify, the new password and the error message you received.

Manuals on how to use Postfix Admin can be found on the Reference page.

As always, we are here to help. If you have a problem we can be reached at