Host Accounts

Power User Package

Setup Fee:US$ 60.00
Monthly Fee:US$ 39.95

At J.P. Peach & Associates we are interested in providing you with the custom internet services that you need. We have designed our hosting packages to meet the requirements of most of our clients. However, we can customize any package to fit your specific needs or develop a completely individualized package. Our goal is to provide a service that meets your needs.

This package includes the following services:
  • Domain name registration/transfer (*
  • Domain web site ( with 300-MBytes of disk space*****
  • 300 Email aliases (*****
  • 300 Email forwarding addresses*****
  • 300 Email POP accounts*****
  • 300 Email autoresponders*****
  • MySQL database*****
  • Web based file management system account**
  • Support for PHP7 and PHP5
  • Support for most non-default Perl modules
  • SSL secured web space***
  • Shopping cart system
  • Real-time credit card transactions
  • Unlimited sFTP updates (24 hours per day)
  • No bustable bandwidth limit
  • 5 GBs of data transfer per month*****
  • Free tech support
  • ssh protocol access to unix command prompt
  • telnet protocol access to unix command prompt from restricted IP addresses
  • Web interfaces for account administration
  • WebMail to send and read emails
  • Free CGI programs
  • Full custom CGI support
  • Daily detailed web traffic analysis****
  • Multiple redundant backbone connections
  • Daily incremental backups with off site storage
  • Weekly full backups with off site storage

*Our fee does not include NIC fees. If we register a new domain name, you will be charged US$25.00 for one year of registration. If we transfer a domain, you will be charged US$25.00 for an additional one year of registration. The first one half hour of labour is included. Any time requirement beyond that will be billed at regular rates.

**  Additional accounts can be added. A custom installation is also possible that will allow full control of the look and feel.

***  Our fee does not include digital ID fees for virtual domain names. Certification Authority (CA) will bill you directly.

****Does not include configuration. You can do this yourself or we can for US$ 60.00.

*****If the account exceeds the resource limit, the account well be given additional resources and will be billed for those resources according to the overage price for the product. The client is obligated to monitor the resources being used and does not require notice.